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Hey, AG Hair Cosmetics are Vegan!

One of the things that I have started to become more and more aware of is animal testing in beauty products. I am really trying to stop consuming any type of product that has been tested on animals…which includes giving up one of my fave make-up lines MAC. Yes, MAC is whack!

The good news is that it’s really not that hard to find some great lines that are totally vegan friendly!  I am using up all of my current products (as just throwing them out is wasteful), and will slowly replace my make-up bag with only animal friendly products. the Peta website is a great resource for finding which products are animal friendly. A good general rule of thumb is, if it’s a large international make-up brand (ie.L’Oreal, or any of its product lines), or if it sells in China (where animal testing is mandatory for a beauty product to go to market), it has been tested on animals. Another point to mention is even if the product says “we do not test on animals”, some of the ingredients may have been. So, all in all, it is hard to really know if the product is 100% cruelty free, but just know that even supporting companies that are trying to make a difference is a good thing.

I’m a firm believer in small actions over time, rather than trying to change everything all at once. For my first beauty product challenge I decided to look at my shampoo and conditioner. I am notorious for buying the drug store “what-ever is on sale” brand. So I looked at this handy-dandy PETA link ( and looked for a band of shampoo and conditioner that I knew I could find. The key with these types on changes is to keep it simple. So, when I saw AG Hair Cosmetics (  on the list I was so happy! I used to love their Fast Food leave in conditioner, and to top it off they are a Canadian company! AG Fast Food Looking to make small changes one at a time has allowed me to live a more compassionate life style without stressing if what I was doing was good enough. Some times I forget to look for the “not tested on animals” label when I buy a quick lip gloss, but I don’t beat myself up for it. I just make a metal note and move on.

Being vegan isn’t about being perfect, it’s about trying to make a change.


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