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Hey, the Food Truck Fest is (Sorta) Vegan!

Food Cart Fest

Woah! Sorry for the lack of posts. Going to the lake and then going back to work full time has really been a time suck…But today I had the chance to check out the weekly Food Cart Fest here in Vancouver. I was so excited by all of the amazing vegan options they had.  Almost every food truck had something vegan, or  something that could easily be modified to be vegan (just by holding the cheese).  We rode our bikes there and Winni got the chance to test out her new chariot that Link found on craigslist.

Hey thats Vegan

After valet parking our bikes (we are very fancy…haha), I headed straight to the Juice Truck and tried an Aloe Green Juice. It was amazing! I’m going to try to recreate this at home. The refreshing mint along with the aloe were a perfect compliment to the sweetness of the  pineapple. All in all I give this juice a 10 out of 10.

Hey, That's Vegan

The Juice Truck

Next I headed over to the grilled corn on the cob stand. I have been craving this for a while now. The corn on the menu had cheese and butter on it, so I just asked them to hold the dairy. I ended up with a smoky, spicy BBQ’d corn on the cob that I squeezed fresh lime on to cool down the spice. It was also a 10 out of 10 on the yummy scale. Plus using the husk as a handle made it extra cute!

Food Cart Fest

After my juice and my corn appetizer I was ready for the main course. Walking around and looking at the menus I was so excited to see how many options I had. I was in vegan food cart heaven. The Aussie Pie Guy had Vegan Pie…which I totally would have tried had it not been so hot out today.

Food Cart Fest

Vegan Food Cart

There were so many options I started to feel slightly overwhelmed.  The huge line ups were proof that many of trucks have a cult like following. Trucks like Tacofino had at least 20-30min lines. Then all of the sudden a cute little green truck caught my eye. The Culver City Salads truck only serves vegan and gluten free foods! Say whaaaaat?! The 2 Culver girls that run the truck are beyond cute and were quick to offer up their suggestions for what to try.   I think I asked them 3 times if the salad dressing, and cookies were really vegan.

Hey, That;s Vegan

I had the soba noodle salad with a creamy dressing and double chocolate chip cookies! The food was so fresh and tasty! The best part about Culver City Salads is that you can skip the long lines, because they deliver! I can’t wait to go back to this food truck to try more of what they have to offer.

Culver City Salads

Hey, That's Vegan

I think I’m going to be hitting up the Food Cart Fest every Sunday this summer. My new goal is to eat at all of the food carts there! Maybe I’ll try to do a new post every week of which food carts I tried. For me the best part of eating at food carts is knowing that I can still be vegan and have fun! I’m slowly starting to get the hang of going out and sticking with my choice of eating a plant based diet. It has taken about 6 months, but its getting easier 🙂


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