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The Juice is loose in Taipei


Walking around in the hot and humid city that is Taipei was overwhelming at first.  The busy sidewalks and even busier streets are crammed with people, cars and mopeds. Crossing the street becomes a game of frogger; left, right, back, around, all while trying to reach the other sidewalk before the crosswalk counts down from 85.  But, it’s not until the night when the streets really come to life. What I initially perceived as busy quickly changed as the day turned to night and the hot day became somewhat cooler.  Slowly more and more people emerge and the already packed streets become condensed.

Looking for a way out of the chaos I duck into a little alleyway, only to find a maze of cute little vintage shops, cafes, and salons. I’m told this is an area called Taipei Eastern District and the cute factor is off the charts! The little back alleys are much more quiet, and shop after shop I’m surprised at what I can find. A crack in the wall is filled with Lego blocks, another store is filled with vintage french items and a beautiful little cafe is attached.


My best vegan find  is a little juice place, called Juice 8. The juice is so fresh and the options endless. The whole vibe of the place is cool and hip. The music playing sets the mood with melodic trance beats, while the modern decor adds to the whole clean aesthetic that is perfectly combined with the beautiful juice they offer.

Hey, That's vegan

Hey Thats Vegan

For my juice I choose the Mr. & Mrs. 9-5, which is one of my fave combos that I make at home regularly. Apple, orange, celery, carrot, and ginger.  It was like a little taste of home, which was perfect considering how new everything has been since arriving here. Juicing has become a regular part of my diet since becoming vegan. For both vegans and non-vegans, juicing is a great way to get more fruits and veggies, and increase the ease of  micronutrient absorption in your body.  Micronutrients help your body to function at an optimal level and ensure all systems are running smoothly.  Maintaining a healthy body is my #1 goal in eating a vegan plant based diet. Juicing has many health benefits and help me to achieve this goal. While travelling, finding a juice shop is a score because it can be easy to fall off track with healthy eating.  I am adding “find a juice shop” to my must have travel list for vegans (I’ll be posting that soon).

Hey That's Vegan

I am in LOVE with Taipei and will post more about this amazing city soon.




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