Hey, Citrus Salon in Yaletown is Vegan!

Hey That's Vegan

So, I’ve been thinking, why do vegans have this preconceived image that goes with them?  Typically people think of a vegan as a tie-dye wearing, tree hugging, dread locked hippy (not that I have a problem with any of the above), but that just not my style…although I may have been called a hippie on more than one occasion :).  I really enjoy going to the salon and gettin’ my hair did…that is until I started to become more aware of animal cruelty and the testing that happens to make some of the beauty products I used to use regularly.  Last time I went to the salon, I sat there with my head full of foils, feeling guilty for participating in animal cruelty. I decided then and there that I would find a salon that used cruelty free, organic products.

Then I found it….walking down a street I walk down almost everyday, a sign that said “ Citrus Salon, organic and ammonia free hair color and products”. “hummm…I wonder if they use cruelty free products too?” I mused.

Hey That's Vegan

Walking into the salon I was greeted by a girl who was horrified when I ask if the products they used were tested on animals.  So with that I booked an appointment for the next day, My stylist Jasmine ( a long time vegetarian) said that the receptionist told her I had inquired about cruelty free products,  and assured me that everything she was using on my head had not been tested on animals.  It was so refreshing to be able to look good without feeling guilty, and have people not roll their eyes at me when I asked about their products.  The hair color also had almost no smell, which was so nice.  They also recycle everything in the salon! They even recycle hair from all haircuts and donate it to help clean up oil spills ( I found out that hair is one of the most oil absorbent fibers)!

I’ll be going into Citrus from now on. The product lines are great, and so is the styling and service.  If you don’t live in Vancouver, don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to get in some cruelty free product lines like John Masters Organics and Kevin Murphy. They are better for your hair, and the animals.  Check out the Citrus Salon website to see what products they use and learn more about other Green Circle Salons.

Hey That's Vegan

Stay pretty and happy!



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