Vegan 101

The Pros and Cons of eating Vegan

So eating vegan is great for so many reasons…but at times it can be a real pain in the ass! Let’s take Thanksgiving for example. Most people think, “yay! Thanksgiving! I get to eat a delicious meal at a relatives house where all I have to do is show up in my stretchy pants! I don’t have to cook  and the only downfall is that maybe I have to endure a 20min conversation with Drunk Uncle.” But when you’re vegan you think “yay! Thanksgiving! Ok, what am I going to eat. I know, I’ll make a lentil loaf. Yes, lentil loaf. Perfect. And I’ll just eat the veggies and salad that will be there. But wait, the veggies will have butter on them, and it’s a cesear salad so those are out. Ok, I’ll bring a side of veggies and I’ll make a vegan pumpkin pie so I can have some desert too. Hopefully I don’t get stuck in a corner with Drunk Uncle for too long.” So what once used to be a simple show up in stretchy pants event, has now turned into a 2 day cooking marathon.

But you know what?! It’s worth it. Cooking and sharing vegan holiday food not only gives me something to eat, but also starts a conversation about plant based eating with your family. Whether or not they think you’re nuts for giving up all animal products doesn’t matter. If you’re “that Crazy Cousin” then so be it. Wear your crazy badge with pride and focus on your “why”.

So, heres what I brought to Thanksgiving Dinner:

Autumn Dinner Muffins and Gravy

Curried Buttercup squash

Pumpkin pie and coconut whipped cream

🎃 errr… photo was deleted…
One of my favourite things about being vegan is learning how to cook! Honestly I could barely boil water without setting off the fire alarm before I was vegan. Eating a plant based diet does take work, but it doesn’t need to be hard work. The learning curve is steep. Those first few weeks of wrapping your mind around whats for dinner are tough, but after lots of practice now bowls, pastas, big salads, chilli, curry, tacos and so much more are on the weekly dinner line up. Learning how to cook has been (unexpectedly) fun. Angela Linden’s blog, Oh She Glows, single handedly taught me how to cook. All of her recipes are delicious and when you start cooking food that people actually like…well it keeps you motivated to keep on cookin’.

I picked up Thug Kitchen 101 today because it said “Fast AF” right on the cover. I figured it could be a great addition to the library and help in simplifying dinner time.  Now that I have 2 busy boys that are 18months apart I need to keep dinner time fast and simple. I’m the only one in my family that is strict vegan (besides the baby who is vegan by default I guess), but my boys enjoy a good plant based meal…and sometimes…if I’m lucky…my lovely husband will even whip up a vegan dinner for us…all on his own! Back off ladies, he’s mine!

I wanted to share a funny thing happened tonight. I was sitting and relaxing minding my own business while drinking a glass of wine and eating chocolate, when all of the sudden I was like “hey, I want some caesar salad.” Now this has never happened to me before. Usually when I’m eating chocolate the only other thing I might think about is candy, or maybe chips…or cookies. But caesar salad?! Thats just cray. I guess all the perusing of my new cook book saturated my brain. So I decided to whip one up super quick. It actually took about 5 mins (full disclosure, I had left over spicy chipotle sauce from the use it up tacos that I added some apple cider vinagre to and transformed it to more of a caesar dressing).

So to summarize the pros and cons are…


  • Becoming a better cook
  • eating more veggies
  • being healthier
  • loosing a few lbs
  • doing my part to help change the world for the better


  • cooking my own thanksgiving dinner
  • still having to talk to Druncle

Happy belated Thanksgiving!




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