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Delicious Dump Dinners

Ok, so while the term “dump dinner” isn’t exactly appealing, the ease of making one is.  A dump dinner is when you take out your slow cooker, toss anything thats in your fridge or pantry into in and turn it on for a few hours….and ta-da! You’ve got dinner! This whole idea of woking without… Continue reading Delicious Dump Dinners

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Easy Peasy Mac and Cheezy

So fall has officially fallen here, and the craving for comfort food instantly followed. When I tell people that I’m vegan one of the most common things I hear is that “I could NEVER give up cheese”. Yes, cheese is delicious, but there are also many reasons to avoid dairy (I’m not going to get… Continue reading Easy Peasy Mac and Cheezy

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A Productive Sunday and Getting Ready for the Week

Today I had a blast doing my certification in animal first aid. Winni came to help and I think she had fun too.  The course was from 9am to 7pm, which I thought was going to be a super long day. The course was so fun and interactive that the day flew by. I took… Continue reading A Productive Sunday and Getting Ready for the Week