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Delicious Dump Dinners

Ok, so while the term “dump dinner” isn’t exactly appealing, the ease of making one is.  A dump dinner is when you take out your slow cooker, toss anything thats in your fridge or pantry into in and turn it on for a few hours….and ta-da! You’ve got dinner! This whole idea of woking without… Continue reading Delicious Dump Dinners


Hey, Citrus Salon in Yaletown is Vegan!

So, I’ve been thinking, why do vegans have this preconceived image that goes with them?  Typically people think of a vegan as a tie-dye wearing, tree hugging, dread locked hippy (not that I have a problem with any of the above), but that just not my style…although I may have been called a hippie on… Continue reading Hey, Citrus Salon in Yaletown is Vegan!

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The Juice is loose in Taipei

Walking around in the hot and humid city that is Taipei was overwhelming at first.  The busy sidewalks and even busier streets are crammed with people, cars and mopeds. Crossing the street becomes a game of frogger; left, right, back, around, all while trying to reach the other sidewalk before the crosswalk counts down from… Continue reading The Juice is loose in Taipei